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What is the substitute for Bread Flour

If you do not have bread flour in your house and had to make a dish which needs it, what will you do? Now here is a tip which will save your time and money both and the will not affect the preparation too. Curious right. It’s simple, you just have to add all-purpose flour instead of bread flour. The proportion must be the same as bread flour and you will not able to catch the difference.

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Difference between both Flours:

The main difference between the bread flour and all-purpose flour is protein. Yes, you read it right bread flour contain 12 to 14% protein whereas bread flour contains 8 to 11% protein. So there is a bit more protein in the bread flour for you. Now you have to decide in taste. Make the dish with all-purpose flour and taste it. Later you can bring the bread flour and make the dish the taste will more or less same and I am sure you can skip the bread flour once you feel that there is literally no difference in their taste.


Substitute for flours:

There is a substitute for each and every kind of flour. If you are going to make a recipe at home you can substitute one with others especially the all-purpose flour. But the professional bakers will suggest you not to do that and prepare a dish with the particular kind of flour needed for that dish. But while making food at home most of the time you had to use a substitute. If the taste is good I will say there is no harm in using it. Some dishes will need high protein flour as ingredient, which is also good for health, for that I will suggest you to visit .

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