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What is a CDP?? Let’s Learn!!


Choline plays a prominent role in the cellular pathways. This plays a crucial role in the cognitive function, infant development as well as cardiovascular function. This is an essential nutrient hat is supposed to be consumed by every human being. As per the result of several studies, it is believed that most of the humans get it from dietary resources. This is required for breaking down of homocysteine. This is considered beneficial to be taken by the individuals with high risk of deficiency as well as in patients.

The most effective form of Choline for nootropic supplementation is the CDP. This is a pro-drug for both uridine as well as Choline. In relation to cognition, the CDP has several uses. This is being used as a memory enhancer in the youth. But there are no such rodent studies suggesting that this is possible with CDP Choline. Its potency is comparable with Alpha-GPC. This plays the role as an anti-addictive compound against cocaine as well as food.

This is considered as a chemical occurring naturally by the nootropic users. Also, it is an essential part of every stack. This is also known as cytidine diphosphate Choline. This has the ability to protect the brain from memory loss. This also has the ability to increase focus, mental energy along with clarity of thoughts. Some of the recent studies have proved that the CDP is beneficial for the treatment of several medical conditions. This works synergistically with the class nootropic.

 The CDP has the ability to enhance the health of the brain as well as different aspects of cognition. Below mentioned are a few benefits of the CDP:

  • Increased mental energy: This has the ability to maintain peak energy and is important for everyone. This has significant effect on the mental energy, mitigating the cognitive declines related with ageing and many more.
  • Potentiating and amplifying different nootropic: This is considered important while combining or stacking two different elements. This has strong effects. This is considered as a better option for making treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, if used in combination with piracetam.
  • Memory enhancement: This is best known for making improvement in memory as well as for preventing brain from memory loss. This is related with anti-aging.
  • Improvement in concentration and focus: This has the ability to concentrate for longer period of time with less distraction. Also, it is important for mastering a skill, mentally demanding task, studying, etc.


It is believed that the CDP is very well tolerated. This has been provided with the help of different studies that have been conducted and have been documented without any side effects. This is supposed to be taken in a single dose of 8 to 12 hours apart in the range of 250mg to 1000mg. This dosage is considered effective and safe. It has been seen that the dosage of 2000mg of this is not measurably different from its 4000mg dosage. This actual dosage as well as ratio of dosage varies depending on the basis of the racetam class.

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