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Variety of techniques for pain management

Pain management is offered at many pain clinics which include various therapies. The treatment offered by them include medication, physical therapy, and nerve blocks. For an effective treatment for pain relief, swelling and stress many clinics provide massage therapy. No single technique gives a guarantee to provide complete relief from the pain, the doctors can combine two treatments for the better result.

People can get over the counter medicines which help in their chronic pain, these medicines are not prescribed by any doctor and if these medicines do not provide relief then it is better to consult a doctor to get the high dose prescribed medicine which diminishes the pain.

What the different treatment used by pain clinics?

  • Trigger point injection

It is a procedure used to treat painful areas of muscles that contain trigger point. A professional of The Pain Relief Center uses a small needle, inject a local anesthetic into the trigger point during the procedure. Trigger point injection is used to treat the muscle pain in arms, legs, neck and lower back.

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  • Surgical implant

When other treatments such as physical therapy or medicines fail to offer pain relief then the patient may be offered for a surgical implant to control the pain. The professionals use two types of implants, that are Intrathecal drug delivery and Spinal cord stimulation implant.

  • Bioelectric therapy

This therapy relieves pain by blocking pain message to the brain. The therapy prompts the body to produce a chemical that will eliminate the painful sensation by blocking the message of pain.

  • Physical therapy

Physical therapy help to relieve pain by using special techniques that increase movement and function impaired by an injury. A physical therapist uses strengthening, pain relieving activities, and stretching for the effective result to control the pain.

  • Exercise

Resting for long periods can increase the pain and put a risk of injury. Studies have shown that a regular exercise can improve the strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

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