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Tinnitus Test Done by a Tinnitus Doctor

If you have been diagnosed of having tinnitus, the first thing the doctor wants to ascertain is whether you have injuries in your ear; he does this by examining your ear. To be sure of the type of tinnitus you have, the doctor carries out another test by holding a stethoscope close to your ear; tinnitus can be objective or subjective; from the sound they hear when this test is carried out with the stethoscope in your ear, they are able to tell which one you have. The type of tinnitus you have informs their choice of the treatment method that best cures the infection.

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Yet another test can be carried out on your ear to determine the severity of the tinnitus; this time the purpose of the test is to ascertain whether or not a patient is suffering from hearing loss. This test known as the tuning fork test helps the doctors to know which of the ears has the problem. Apart from hear loss itself being an ear defect, it is a pointer to the fact that a patient may have tinnitus as many times hear loss degenerate into the ear ailment. The tuning fork test can be carried out either as a Rinne test or a Weber test. The former is conducted to determine if the patient has conductive hear loss while the latter checks for sensorineural hearing loss. Both tests are complimentary to each other.

For more confirmation of the severity of the infection, your tinnitus doctor may carry out an audiometry test with the aim of testing for the extent of disparity between your perceived sound and actual sound of the tinnitus. To carry out this test, a special headphone connected to an audio meter is worn over your ear. Through the headphone, the tinnitus doctor makes you listen to sounds at varying frequencies, pitches and volumes. However, just before playing sounds, the doctor would have instructed that you raise your hands each time you hear a sound different from that of the tinnitus. This is to help the doctor ascertain the level of severity of the tinnitus; the more severe the tinnitus, the less you would be able to hear sounds playing on the headphone at high pitches and volumes.

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