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The things that are required to go to Canada

Medical examination is required for the person who applies for permanent resident status in other country. The purpose of this medical examination is to know about the general health of the applicant and it identifies the major health condition of the applicants.

People want to migrate because the standard of living of Canada is the highest in all over the world and many benefits are also provided to the people who live there and have a permanent citizenship. But they have to follow some procedure and medical examination to get the eligibility for the immigration. The government of the Canada decides that the person is eligible or not for the migrations and the result is based on the medical report provided by the panel physician.

What is the procedure of the immigration medical examination?

The panel physician will perform complete medical examination and after that they refer the applicant for various laboratory tests. Once the examination is completed, the panel physician will send the result to citizenship and immigration Canada CIC. It is essential that envelop of the medical report do not open and do not break the seal otherwise the applicant will be eligible for the immigration.

If you are required to undergo an immigration medical exam you have to make appointment with the panel physician and it is required that the examination is done by the panel physician. The time of the appointment is generally considered as 30 minutes. The fee of the medical exam will be depend upon the panel physician and will be vary from each other. Many people who want to immigrate to the Canada will prefer to give CIC Medical Exam by Panel Physician North York.

What are the documents required for the medical test?

It is necessary to take the required documents along with you for the medical examination by a panel physician. The documents include:

  • At first, an identification documents which have the photograph and the signature like passport, ore driving license.
  • Any medical report for present or past medical condition and the eyeglasses or contact lenses, if you use them.
  • The medical report form which is issued by visa office.

The panel physician will give a certificate that the person goes to them for the medical examination with all the necessary documents. Within few days the people get the result and know that he can go to the Canada or not.

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