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The Risks of Abusing Lyrica, Pregabalin Addiction & Abuse

Some pharmaceutical drugs intended for the treatment of certain diseases, but in large doses have the effect of drug intoxication. Among these drugs, Lyrica is in great demand. It is prescribed to patients for relieving cramps and pain. This is a strong painkiller, which has another name – pregabalin.

In medical institutions, Pregabalinis used to remove withdrawals from drug addicts; and some websites offering Lyrica coupons with discount. However, this is a very dubious way to relieve withdrawal symptoms, because Pregabalinconsumption is addictive in an addicted person.

Signs of using Lyrica

A sign of the use of this type of drug is a precarious, uncertain walk. The addict’s pupils widen, tends to sleep. A drug addict can rise in temperature, sweating may increase. He cannot control his actions and actions. If you find a similar symptom in a close relative, you need to sound the alarm. When a strong addiction appears, he will need long-term hospital treatment.

Seeing a drug addict who used Lyrica is not difficult. Characteristic signs appear immediately after the dose:

  • Unsteady gait;
  • Speech defect (incoherent moo);
  • Sweating;
  • Enlarged pupils;
  • Red eyes.

If such symptoms are found in a person close to you, you should immediately seek help. Denial of the problem will only aggravate the development of the disease – drug addiction. Addiction to the drug develops instantly. The drug has a sedative effect that the addict seeks to experience in any crisis life situations.

Keep in mind that there is no lung drug; such a division is considered conditional. Any of the psychoactive substances leads to complete degradation of a person, exhaustion and death. Therefore, one should not consider innocent dependence on pregabalin. Without drug treatment is not enough.

Consequences of using Lyrica

Having started taking Lyrica pills with the aim of feeling euphoria, a person takes the path of an addict. Ahead of him are the devastating consequences not only of physical changes, but also of social, spiritual and mental ones. The physical consequences of taking pills include:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Decreased sexual function
  • Nausea;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Cramps;
  • Overdose;

The psyche is also deformed under the influence of a narcotic substance. Patients have a decrease in intelligence, mental disorders, mood swings, bouts of aggression. Schizophrenia may begin to develop.

The personality begins to decay from the spiritual side. There are no moral qualities, under the action of Lyrica, a drug addict commits spiritual actions: he steals, deceives, blackmails loved ones, uses force against people who are weaker.

From such a person begin, turns away family and friends. The environment is full of asocial co-consumers. The addict himself becomes asocial, as a result of which he cannot get a job. He falls out of society, becomes lonely and reticent. Life begins to spin only around the dose. In its absence, the addict is experiencing the strongest withdrawal. To avoid them, he becomes absolutely ready for anything. Now the outcome of his life is predetermined either by prison or by death.

How to stop taking Lyrica?

The brain of a drug addict is very peculiar. He constantly denies the fact of taking Lyrica and the problems that start, appears. He justifies his use and therefore can not stop.

With long-term use of pills, narcotic substances accumulate in the tissues of the body. It is important to completely withdraw them. For this purpose, detoxification procedures are provided. In the hospital, the patient receives the help of not only narcologists, but also psychologists. They help him find other life values, forget about the time when he was thinking only about the next dose of pills.

In order to begin to recover, it is necessary to convey to the addict that he is a drug addict and that his life is ruined. He must admit his powerlessness to the substance. You can stop taking Lyrica only by isolating yourself from places where you can get it.

The patient is completely isolated from his former life, but at the same time he falls into another society. He is not alone. He is surrounded by drug addicts who have already gone through what he just has to go through and have gained sobriety. By sharing experience under the supervision of a chemical dependency counselor, drug addicts learn to interact with each other in new ways. They try to be honest, learn elementary things and find peace of mind.

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