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The Benefits of Joining the ISHRS in the Perspective of Live Demonstration

The International Society of Hair Restoration (ISHRS) is a non-profit organization comprised of over 1,200 members representing 70 countries dedicated to circulating the highest standards of medical practice & medical ethics. The members of ISHRS are categories include the fellow, members, researchers, residents, and surgical assistants. The ISHRS conducts a yearly meeting for delivering the live talk on the innovative technique and hands-on practices, which includes the live workshops, video-demonstration of live patients, panel discussions and live presentation about the innovative & informative talk on the hair restoration surgery by the expert of hair transplant Surgeon. Its incorporation in 1993 brought revolutionary changes in the practice of hair transplant Surgery that motivated the Surgeon & Doctors to inbuilt the new idea, information and knowledge to enrich the society as well as delivering the talk on the matter related to the surgical procedure boost the knowledge and information of the new researchers as well.

To become a member of the ISHRS means someone is an expert in their field of surgical world and only expert and skilled hand Surgeon got the active participation in the society. Only a specialized one in the field of hair loss treatment and hair transplant surgery gives the contribution to inbuilt the society in terms of the technique, invention and scientific approach to develop the ideas about the hair transplant surgery. The Surgeons/Doctor who has the ISHRS exposure has a remarkable presence in the hair transplant procedure world and as far as getting the treatment from these Surgeons means the cost of the procedure will have a bit different in comparing the cost of the procedure given from other Surgeons & Doctor, especially the hair transplant cost.

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The annual meeting of ISHRS is a highlight of the year in which the top-ranked Surgeons and experts come together to share their experience, skills, information, valuable talk in the form of live video-demonstration of their restoration practices.

Recently, the 25th World Congress meeting of ISHRS has been conducted in the Prague, Europe in which the Jaipur Surgeons have given the contributions and delivered their valuable talk to foster an environment of open dialogue, sharing, and collegiality.

The ISHRS also coordinates the Annual scientific meeting across the globe and the expert mind from all over the world takes part in the society. The ISHRS also facilitates an annual Newcomers Programs and the Fellowship training program.

Apart from all the above activities, the ISHRS has published and maintained the core curriculum in the hair transplant surgery, and the core competencies for the hair restoration Surgeons. The Research Grants are also provided by the ISHRS to relevant clinical research projects in the field of hair restoration world.

The Benefits of joining the ISHRS Meeting is jotted down below:

  1. Live Demonstration: The ISHRS provides the participated Surgeons, Doctors, and researchers with the benefits of the live surgery workshop and panel discussions by the expert of the hair restoration field help in knowing the better and in a precise way. The live demonstration of the surgery through the video and presentations clarify the matter with every tiny aspect supports the hands-on practices and train the other Surgeons as well.
  2. A Medium of Innovative Knowledge & Information: The ISHRS is a pillar between the invention and innovation that gives you knowledge and idea about what is going on the hair restoration world and what is a new type of cases or how the particular surgery was so complicated and an idea of the relevant treatment with the précised sense of artistic skills as well as the technical knowledge.
  3. An access to ONLINE FORUM ARTICLE ARCHIVES DATABASE SEARCH: Apart from the subscription to the bi-monthly newsletter, access to international hair transplant forums, and unified public relations, the ISHRS gives you an access to online forum article archives database search to get awareness about the innovative information, inventions well as the practices of the hair transplant procedure world.


In the nutshell, we can say that the membership of ISHRS or getting a participation in the annual meeting of ISHRS is a token of your great work in the field of hair restoration. The 25th World Congress meeting of ISHRS which was held in Prague, Europe become a matter of pride and honor among our Indian Surgeons, Doctor due to their esteemed presence in the society enriched the knowledge, information and innovative technique of the hair transplant surgery world.

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