• Friday , 17 August 2018

Switch to plant based sources to meet your protein demand

Many people believe that eating animal sources can only supply your body with sufficient and rich energy sources that your body needs in order to stay fit and provide you increased energy to utilize to perform your daily activity in more energized way. But getting habitual to animal sources can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes and cancer which is why switching to plant based sources is the best option to go with. Either you are a sportsman or perform high intensity exercise daily you can find a number of high protein vegetables in the market at reasonable prices. One can prefer to visit online store to find a variety of protein rich fresh vegetables. Listed below are some efficient vegetables which one can consider:

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Soybeans: It is the excellent source of proteins, 28 grams of soybeans can equalize the amount of protein which can be found in 150grams of chicken. It consists of 15gm of fats and 17gm of carbs and 58% is fatty acids in it which completely serves your body. Insoluble fiber in it improves digestive system of body while unsaturated fat in it improves cardiovascular health.

Edamame: You might have been served this protein filled pods on your plates may be on some vegan restaurant or when ordering your favorite sushi dish. But you might have ignored the rich nutrients supply in it. Such are soybeans which are either steamed or boiled and contains 22gms of protein. Men basically needs 56%gm protein each day, taking in such nutrients rich source can supply 40% of such requirement.

Broccoli: Adding such fat free source of protein can supply 2.6gms of protein and unlike other animal based source one cup of such source can supply 100% of vitamin K and C. It is considered to be the best source for folate and other beneficial vitamin which can help in lowering risk of different types of cancer.

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