• Friday , 17 August 2018

Smoking weed is beneficial

Smoking weed makes you go high and helps you to accelerate your imagination power that is why many famous artists smoke weed everyday like oxygen. But it also causes bad effects on them that they get periodically. Considering the benefits of weeds, it is now made legal to smoke this herb in many countries all around the world including Canada. It doesn’t harm you much if you are smoking it in limit. You can buy weed online in Canada from the weed stores. As it is declared legal, many researches have begun by scientists and they are in their initial phase but still they found many benefits of smoking marijuana regularly such as:

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It makes you thinner: This fact has gone through many researches all over the globe and found that it is true that it reduces obesity.

Improves lung function: Weed smokers have better lung functioning than cigarette smokers. It has been proved by scientists hence it is better to smoke weed than tobacco.

It increases creativity: When you go high on weed, it makes you more creative. If it does not enhance your creativity then it will increase your verbal fluency.

It is used for treatment of cancer: Yes, it is true that weed is used in treating cancer. It is found that the cannabis kills cancer cells.

It is used to treat Glaucoma: Marijuana decreases the flow of blood in the eyes thus preventing it from more damage. You can take it for other eye problems also.

It controls epileptic seizures: It contains THC that lowers the activities in brain hence it can stop seizures effectively.

It decreases anxiety: It helps in lowering the feel of pain and suppresses nausea. But you should take advice of the physician first as it can increase various anxiety to a much higher level if taken in higher dose.

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