• Thursday , 20 September 2018

Great Beauty Trolleys

If you work as a stylist in a beauty salon, you most definitely need a great beauty trolley. When you have to move your work space, you can do so easily with all of your equipment and products on a rolling cart. Beauty trolleys make your work easier to do and more organized, and this supports your efforts to do good work for your customers and help them look their best every time they have an appointment with you.

We offer a three-tier beauty trolley in a chrome and white finish, which sets off the décor of any beauty salon. It has one drawer and two shelves, so it’s easy to organize your tools and products so that they are easily within reach while you work. The drawer being on top of the shelves means that you can easily grab smaller pieces of equipment like clips, scissors, or combs while you’re working, and you don’t have to worry about their getting knocked off a shelf.

The beauty trolley frame rolls around easily on castors, so you can move across any hard floor with ease. The dimensions are 80 cm x 46 cm x 33 cm, so it’s small enough to bit in most spaces. However, it’s large enough to hold all the equipment you use. It is 31.4 kg, so it won’t get knocked over easily or roll around the floor when the door opens and a gust of air blows in.

We also offer another trolley with two shelves and two drawers with a white and chrome finish. It also features a mag lamp mount. The shelves are the tops of the drawers, which maximizes your storage space. The shelves have chrome rails, so your equipment does not fall off of them. It is also on castors, making it easy to move around. The dimensions are 79 cm x 59 cm x 41 cm, and the space on top of the bottom shelf is perfect for taller pieces of equipment and tools at 38 cm.

Beauty trolleys are essential to quickly and effectively style clients’ hair and make-up. They hold your materials and tools neatly so you can reach them whenever they’re needed. If you have to move between workspaces, a trolley is perfect for transporting your equipment and products. Your clients will appreciate your organization and efficiency in helping them to look and feel their best.

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