• Tuesday , 23 October 2018

Benefits OfLaser Treatment Provided At The Center For Morton’s Neuroma

If you are suffering from asearing pain in your foot for a long time and have tried NSAIDS and inserts over time thinking it to be something like plantar fasciitis but to no avail, it is time to visit The Center for Morton’s Neuroma. If the podiatrist diagnoses a Morton’s neuroma you will be suggested a laser treatment. The doctor may also inject usual local anesthetic and steroid to provide immediate but temporary relief. A Morton’s neuroma is the sense of standing on a very hot pebble> irrespective of any weight in the foot there may be different degrees of pain.

Use Of Laser Treatment

If the pain comes back after weeks with an increased degree every time, a laser treatment is required. Especially if you experience continual pain when you walk, drive or bend your foot, a laser treatment is the only alternative to ensure proper surgery on the neuromas. An ultrasound machine is used to visualize the neuroma and its condition. The laser technique and treatment will soften the neuroma and even decrease the size of it. The treatment is provided in several sessions and often last for 10 to 12 weekly visits to the doctor’s office.

The Process Followed

Each visit with the doctor at the center will involve specific treatment process. It will consist of a palpation to the pain and localization of the neuroma. The laser treatmentwill last about 30 minutes approximately and is absolutely pain free. You will actually feel like having a warm foot massage during the entire laser treatment process. However, there will be no significant treatment till the fifth treatment and the pain may reduce by only 10%. However, after that you will notice significant reduction in pain and by the tenth session you will have virtually no more foot pain.

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