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Anxiety What Kind Of A Disorder It Is: Nature Of Anxiety

Feeling uneasiness, shaky and trembling due to some worries are the sign of anxiety. Many of the people suffer from such kind of mental issues but they ignore all these. The result of such ignorance is an invitation to other fatal diseases that lead to death. Medications and healthy environment both are important for the mental health.

People use to consult doctors and start having lots of medicine to deal with the dire condition, but there is a natural substance also that has proven best for these mental issues. Cannabis oil, marijuana plants every part like leaves, stalk. Seeds and fruit are used in treating anxiety, depression and heart-related disorder.

Anxiety is the person’s response to a real or imaginary fear or threat. A person is suffering from anxiety how could one know, if you see symptoms like sweating, trembling, a sudden increase in breathing, uneasiness, and dizziness these are all signs that one must not ignore. In one’s lifetime everyone gone through this anxiety but this becomes a serious problem when its complications get worse and lead to health disorders.

 People talk about dengue and cancer like problems but they really feel that anxiety is not a serious problem. But here, they are wrong if anxiety is not treated in time it can lead to the biggest problem that can be fatal. When a person suffers from anxiety, the power of thinking and understanding increase or decreases the nervousness.

Now the anxiety is of many types and everyone should known about it. Agoraphobia, specific phobia, social phobia, panic disorder, panic disorders are some of the types of anxiety. Agoraphobia is the type when one has fear of some place or situation from where they can’t get out. Phobia is something like fear of particular situations or animals or things.

 Getting judged or fear of embarrassment makes some people shy or having fear to face the public or group. Panic disorder is when a person gets panic and feeling panicky or getting panic attack now. Generalized anxiety means having worry about something or unnecessary tensions. These were the types of anxiety but how can one overcome this mental issue.

There are various treatment options for such patients, one should opt one if they see above given signs in them. Treatment can be done through counseling, medication, and self- help. Counseling is basically the centers where one is given counseling by the health care. Various therapies are given to the patient so that they can recover faster.

 Medications are also another treatment option where doctor advice for various medicines of anxiety and according to the severity of the anxiety. The patient is strictly advised to take the dosage prescribed by doctors. Many of the self-help techniques also work in the treatment of anxiety. The patient can help himself with deep breathing, yoga, exercise and this can help to overcome this anxiety problem faster.  Hypnosis can be another technique that one patient can pick to deal with anxiety.

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